Single Mother Job

More mothers only, like, the more I got divorced. From the violin detail, so that you can pull more out of the economy. I am really tired of women complaining about how hard it is being a single parent. I am a mother of 3 I am married and he worked all the time for my first baby child hood. I paid $ 1,200 per month for two children in day care, so I was able to work full time, because I was married and therefore not eligible for benefits. One most mothers know that the father of her child (by Maury Povich show) or the father's income.

When women are free daycare, almost unrealistic rental homes and all other freebies, such as health care, pharmaceuticals, recreational activities, free food. I know other single mothers to get more money than they should be. They fit Disneyland. Eat every night. Brand new threads for their children the time, we spend the dollars they give themselves. Should be ashamed of their own.

It is almost comical to sit and watch my friends with a "single mother", as they go every night when they stay with their father or their government paid child care so they can get a break from their children and spend "alimony" to drink and clothing.

Couples are working hard to maintain a family. Instead, throw the towel in our relationship, we are rewarded with almost no benefits. We gave POP refuse visits from our work only after the occurrence of the payable invoices in our deductibles are $ 500 per family member. Of course, we can cancel the insurance and applying for state insurance, but we came to the dismay of the flight after the declaration saying that really enough to make a pair of shoes each. We comply with the food stamps, cheaper health care benefits, scholarships private school or anything else.

Unfortunately, after all the hard work that we have to work a few dueling awarded to the serenity overpaying shabby apartment rental income from sucking our accounts, we refuse to ever save enough for a down payment for your home. Way to go. If you are a single parent, you won, did Uncle Sam, what Morman for years. You also mentally healthy. Not a stressful job. No relationship problems. No discipline problems and funded to argue. Cheers to you now to stop complaining and get a real job. Not counting Marina.

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